Ask a Chef Why Peel Celery

photo-6I was cooking at a client’s home recently and the housekeeper asked me why I was peeling the celery. She told me how much she disliked celery because of its stringy nature and how it always gets stuck in her teeth. She didn’t know that you could peel celery. I just smiled.

Celery is a great vegetable! Its part of the New Orlean’s trinity of roux making (celery, bell pepper and onion), its great with hummus, and its an easy vegetable to add to a variety of dishes. I began reading about celery. According to, celery is rich in vitamin C, it helps lower cholesterol, reduces high blood pressure, has anti-inflammatory properties, can give relief for migraines as well as provide a great source of fiber. I’m only giving you half the list of celeries healthy properties. And the leaves are edible as well.

I’ve always peeled celery to remove the thin strands that do often make it unpalatable. Once you dice up the smooth stalk, you have a vegetable that can add great crunch to a salad or add extra vitamin to a stew. You have a great dipping stick for peanut butter or cream cheese. Celery is a great addition to a curry chicken salad pita or a bowl of mom’s potato salad. Celery is extremely low in calories, is available year round and helps push everything through your body’s system. We can never talk enough about having enough fiber in your diet.

So get out your peeler, slide away and dice up some celery. Your body will love you for it. Just Ask a Chef!


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